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ANZLAA Wellbeing 2023 Webinar #2

  • 27 Jul 2023
  • 1:00 PM (AEST)
  • Teams


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The ANZLAA Wellbeing Committee is pleased to invite you to the following event!

ANZLAA Wellbeing 2023 Webinar #2

Mental Health Ergonomics:
Balancing the Compassion Equation
Dr Rebekah Scotney

We don’t get compassion fatigue because we are weak, can’t handle the work,
aren’t “cut out” for it, etc. We get compassion fatigue because we care, deeply.
And we ignore our own needs (J. Preston Van Hooser)

When: Thursday 27 July 2023

Time: 1PM AEST (Syd, Melb, Canb)

Where: Microsoft Teams
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It is without question that research technicians and scientists, are highly motivated, driven and intelligent people when it comes to the learning of intricate and often very difficult technical, medical and nursing skills and techniques. However, the ability of an individual to apply the same dedication and positive mindset to increasing their emotional intelligence and thus, their mental wellbeing is not always pursued with as much interest. The importance of self-awareness and self-care in this industry is paramount to positive wellbeing and career longevity.

The “I’m fine” dialogue that inhibits inward reflection and healing holds us in hurt and denial. Acknowledging our pain and hurt is like ripping the scab off an old wound – denial keeps the wound hidden, but it is still there.

Looking inward at what hurts us, what depletes our resilience, takes courage. Our aim should be to use our knowledge of self, and consistently engage in positive wellbeing strategies with persistence and dedication so that we may heal and thrive.

This presentation aims to provide brief introductory information that may help individuals engage and grow in positive mindset for personal happiness, and team happiness; the ultimate outcomes having positive impacts on both human and animal welfare and wellbeing.

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