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About Anzlaa

ANZLAA was formed in 2006 from an amalgamation of three organisations with a history extending back 30 years.

The membership of ANZLAA covers the full spectrum of professional expertise relating to the care and welfare of animals used in research in Australia and New Zealand. This includes the provision of daily animal care, technical skill, veterinary support, ethics, regulatory management, training and the supply of equipment and services.

Through supporting a range of activities, ANZLAA aims to promote communication, informed discussion and continuing education among its members as well as the broader community in pursuit of improved animal welfare.

ANZLAA is proud to be a supporter of the Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching and an affiliate member of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.


The Australian and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association is made up of members with a professional commitment to the care, production and use of animals in research and teaching in Australia and New Zealand. Through the conduct of its activities, the Association shall seek to promote:



  1. High standards of husbandry, health and care for animals used in research and teaching.
  2. High ethical conduct in research and teaching involving the use of animals.
  3. The exchange of information within the research and broader community relating to animals used in research and teaching.
  4. Co-operation between organisations and institutions associated with the use of animals in research and teaching.
  5. The development of alternative techniques to the use of animals in research and teaching.
  6. All such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Objects of the Association.
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