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ANZLAA (Australian and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of animals used in research and teaching. In addition to improving animal welfare through direct means, ANZLAA seeks to foster informed discussion and continuing professional development for those working with animals used in research and teaching. It is hoped that ANZLAA, through the pursuit of its goals, will help ensure that the use of animals in research or teaching is conducted in a manner that is ethical, humane and compassionate.
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Membership of ANZLAA is open to individuals and organisations with a commitment to high professional standards of laboratory animal care and includes animal technicians, animal welfare officers, veterinarians and suppliers of goods and services.
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ANZLAA's Annual Conference and branch meetings
are friendly and informative gatherings designed to promote continuing education and networking with others in the field.

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ANZLAA Forums are members-only discussions dedicated to specific topics including organised Special Interest Groups. They also provide a convenient means of circulating and storing documents of interest to members.
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Members, please note ANZLAA are currently running with 3 separate logins.  We are working towards combining these, however in the meantime, please note:

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