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ANZLAA 2024 Conference
Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide SA

27 - 29 August 2024

Hosted at the Adelaide Convention Centre, ANZLAA 2024 will showcase the unparalleled ingenuity of the Australian & New Zealand laboratory animal scientific community. This year, our focus is on celebrating the local talent and culture, providing a platform for you and your teams to immerse yourselves in a vibrant exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences. Join us as we champion a shared commitment to understanding and preserving the environments that shape our world.

Tomorrow Together: Building a culture of collaboration

ANZLAA 2024 aims to shine a bright spotlight on local expertise and achievements. Whether it's small, medium, or large enterprises, whether they're land-based or water-based, our goal is to comprehensively showcase the breadth and depth of success in our community this year!

The program will cover but not limited to:

Safety & Compliance
With ever changing governance conditions and multiple levels of legislation to comply with it's imperative we stay on top of what's required to be compliant and safe at the same time. 

Have you introduced new processes? Are you interested in implementing new processes? Innovation is the key to continual improvement and  is at the forefront of science and adapting to these innovations is paramount.

Future Trends
Where do we see our industry in the future? Where will you and your team be? Anticipating future trends is crucial for effective planning and staying ahead of the curve

Communication & Support
Clear communication plays a pivotal role in fostering strong teamwork and enhancing interactions with animals. Continuously improving support for managers, staff, and students is essential for ensuring optimal performance and well-being.

Culture & Community (Local, Regional, International)
Australia and New Zealand wield significant global influence in the realm of science and innovation, boasting numerous success stories. At our event, we will shine a spotlight on the remarkable individuals and teams within our community who continuously make groundbreaking discoveries. With the invaluable assistance of animal support teams, we celebrate the positive impact they bring to our scientific endeavors.

Quality staff lead to quality teams, which in turn, pave the way for quality science! Developing processes to measure quality and consistency is essential for supporting one another.

Facility operations encompass a huge number of staff. Collaborating, learning and exchanging information is key to any facilities success. 

Social Responsibility (sustainability, community awareness/sustainability)
The use of animals for scientific research is a hot topic and continues to gain traction with the general public. It is our responsibility to acknowledge this and help the community appreciate that our industry is heavily regulated by professionals that care and who do an incredible amount of training to ensure the highest standards possible.

Animal & staff welfare continues to be a highlighted topic within our community.  Prioritising these topics is critical to create a culture of care for both or animals and staff. 

Should you have any questions, please contact our ANZLAA Conference Managers on or call +61 2 9431 8600.

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