CPD Program


The ANZLAA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program is designed to encourage and support commitment to ongoing learning. Participation is available free of charge to all current ANZLAA members.

The program allows ANZLAA members to document their participation in CPD activities by accruing points. Members accruing points above certain levels are eligible for recognition by formal endorsement under the program.

The program is managed by the CPD Committee and is supported by a separate advisory body of experienced ANZLAA members, the CPD Consulting Group.

How to earn CPD points

The CPD Points Table is your formal record of the CPD activities you have completed.

Each time you complete a CPD activity, you should enter the details (including the number of points) in the Points Table. When you have accrued enough points to apply for endorsement, you may submit your completed Points Table to the CPD Committee for review and approval.

The CPD Points Table can be downloaded here.

If you have completed a CPD activity which does not match those listed in the table, please email cpd@anzlaa.org for advice.

The CPD Points Table

To ensure consistency, a CPD Points Table has been developed to show the number of points awarded for common CPD activities. If you have completed a CPD activity which does not appear in the table, please email cpd@anzlaa.org for advice.

How to record your points

When you have completed a CPD activity, enter the details of the activity and the appropriate number of points in your downloaded copy of the CPD Points Table. It is important to also make a record of documentation you have on file to help show that you have completed the activity.

Documentation for your CPD activities

It is extremely important that you keep documentation to prove that you have completed the CPD activities that you have claimed points for. This is because the CPD Program will be audited periodically for integrity purposes and if you are audited, you will be asked to provide relevant documentation. The CPD Points Table includes a column indicating the type of documentation that is required for different types of CPD activity and another column for you to make a note of the actual documentation that you have on file.


As your points accrue, you will become eligible for endorsement by ANZLAA at a level that reflects the extent of CPD activities completed.

Endorsement is based on the average number of points accrued over a 3 year period. Using a 3 year average helps cater for year to year variation in your CPD activity and opportunities.

Note that if you take extended leave from work, you have the option of extending the period over which your points are averaged without penalty. In such cases, the duration of your absence from work will be added to the 3 year period but the points will still be averaged over only three years. For example, someone who is absent from work for 6 months may still have their points averaged over 3 years, even though the total timeframe adds up to 3 ½ years.

Three levels of endorsement are available:

          • ANZLAA CPD Endorsement Level 1 (Requires an average of 30 points per year over 3 years). This is designed to be achievable without significant financial cost or the need to attend external events. It may appeal to part time staff or those with a limited training budget.
          • ANZLAA CPD Endorsement Level 2 (Requires an average of 60 points per year over 3 years). An intermediate level of endorsement.
          • ANZLAA CPD Endorsement Level 3 (Requires an average of 90 points per year over 3 years). This indicates significant commitment. Since it is the highest level of CPD recognition, audits may be conducted more frequently than at the lower levels.

            A certificate to document your endorsement will be provided. Prior to the certificate being issued, your points total will be checked by the ANZLAA Secretariat and an audit may also be conducted by the CPD Committee.

            To apply for endorsement, please email your completed CPD Points Table to cpd@anzlaa.org making sure you have entered your name and email address in the table. Please do NOT send supporting documentation when applying for endorsement – this will only be required if your claim for endorsement is audited.


            To help ensure the integrity of the CPD Program, audits will be carried out periodically by the CPD Committee. Some audits will be random while others may be targeted to cases where members are seeking higher level endorsement or if the CPD Committee has concerns about a claim for endorsement.

            If you do not agree with the outcome of an audit, you may ask for your claim to be referred to the CPD Consulting Group for review. If you still do not agree with the outcome, you may refer your claim to the ANZLAA Executive with a request for further review. The decision of the ANZLAA Executive shall be final.

            Retrospective endorsement

            Points may be claimed up to 3 years in retrospect. This means that members who commence their participation in the CPD Program at the time of its formal launch (in December 2018), may claim points for any CPD activities completed from 1st January 2016 to the present, provided the total time span is not more than 3 years.

            If the total retrospective points claimed during the preceding 3 years is sufficient, members may apply for endorsement.

            Recognition of prior CPD experience for new ANZLAA members

            New members of ANZLAA who have relevant prior CPD experience may apply for endorsement by special consideration. Examples would be people with relevant experience who have recently moved to Australia or New Zealand from another country, or who for other reasons have relevant experience but have not been a member of ANZLAA in recent years.

            To apply for endorsement based on prior experience outside the ANZLAA CPD Program, please email cpd@anzlaa.org.

            Further information

            For all inquiries relating to the CPD Program, please email cpd@anzlaa.org.

            Additional information may also be found in the following documents:

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