ANZLAA Membership

Membership of ANZLAA is open to individuals and organisations with a commitment to high professional standards of laboratory animal care and includes animal technicians, animal welfare officers, veterinarians and suppliers of goods and services.

Benefits to be conferred by membership:
  •     Access to group e-mail bulletin board
  •     Access to members-only pages on the ANZLAA web site
  •     Discounted conference registration
  •     Eligibility to apply for ANZLAA-sponsored programs, scholarships etc.
  •     Notification of meetings and events
  •     Receipt of News 'n Views ANZLAA's quarterly newsletter
  •     Voting rights (except Corporate and Affiliate Members)

Membership Levels

To cater to the varying degrees to which membership involvement can be carried out, ANZLAA provides differing levels of memberships:

Ordinary Membership is open to individuals who are employed or otherwise engaged (including on a casual basis) in a part-time or full-time position relevant to the Objects of the Association.
Cost: AU - $45.00 inc GST, NZ - AUD$41.00 ex GST, International - AUD$41.00 ex GST

Student Membership is applicable to undergraduates enrolled in full-time or part-time study in a field directly relevant to the Objects of the Association. Student Members must be residents of Australia or New Zealand and provide evidence of enrollment.
Cost: AU - $22.00 inc GST, NZ - AUD$20.00 ex GST, International - Not Available

    Corporate Membership is available to organisations other than universities or research institutions whose activities are relevant to the Objects of the Association. Organisations holding Corporate Membership shall have the following entitlements:
    • Listing of their name on the ANZLAA website along with a link to their homepage and a summary of their products or services (maximum of 250 words with wording subject to Executive Committee approval);
    • Use of the words ‘Corporate Member of ANZLAA [current year]’ in association with their logo; note that the current year must be shown.
    • Access to a list of ANZLAA members who have agreed to receive mailings of commercial material;
    • Access to the ANZLAA group e-mail system for up to ten nominated staff;
    • Members’ discount on individual conference registration.

    Corporate Members must nominate a contact person. The contact person may nominate up to five additional staff within their organisation whom they wish to be included in the Corporate Membership. Corporate Membership does not confer voting rights.
    Cost: AU - $450.00 inc GST, NZ - AUD$410.00 ex GST, International - AUD$625.00 ex GST

    Affiliate Membership may be available to individuals or organisations such as Universities, research institutions and other organisations not eligible for membership under any other category but whose professional interests are consistent with the Objects of the Association. Applications for Affiliate Membership are to be directed to the Executive Committee. The annual subscription fees for Affiliate Members shall be the same as full Ordinary Membership consolidated under the one entity. Affiliate Membership does not confer voting rights.
    Cost: AU - $45.00 inc GST, NZ - AUD$41.00 ex GST, International - AUD$41.00 ex GST

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