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ANZLAA Email Bulletin Board and Online Forum provides an online discussion facility for members. The Online Forum is also the site from which members-only documents can be downloaded.

  • The Bulletin Board and Forum is only open to ANZLAA members.
  • To be included on the Bulletin Board contact

  • To join the Forum, simply click on the 'Register' link and follow the simple steps described. Click here to enter the Forum.
  • It is a condition of participation that members agree to comply with the policies outlined below and any other relevant ANZLAA policy. Failure to comply may result in suspension or exclusion from further participation.

ANZLAA Policy: Email bulletin boards and website forums

  • Access to the bulletin board ('Yahoo list') and online forums will only be available to current members of ANZLAA.
  • Only notices relevant to the activities of ANZLAA may be posted. Personal notices are not permitted.
  • Remember: the Reply button automatically sends your message to everyone on the Yahoo list!
  • The Yahoo list and website forums must not be used for commercial advertising.
  • Suppliers of goods or services must not post messages to the full list that identify or draw attention to their products; such information may only be sent privately to individual list-users.
  • Members should be aware that 'advertising' can take many forms. If in doubt, do not press the Reply button since this will send your message to the whole list; use the Forward button instead!
    Things to avoid include:

    • Use of brand or company names on the full list - this sort of information should be sent privately to individual users;
    • Posting messages on behalf of businesses;
    • Expressing a strongly positive view about a product or service identified in the message.
  • The Yahoo list and website forums must not express views that could damage a reputation or cause offence. Such messages present a very real threat of legal action so if in doubt, don't send it!
    Things to avoid include:
    • Messages that criticise specific products or services;
    • Messages that attack the reputation or competency of any person, group, business or organisation;
    • Messages that might in any way breach anti-discrimination or similar laws
    • Any message that could embarrass, hurt or offend someone.
  • Notices announcing positions vacant or second hand equipment for sale are welcome provided that neither the member posting the notice nor any third party stands to gain a personal or commercial benefit.


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